Tavern Room at the Old Stone House

Looking for a field trip for your history classroom? Consider a visit to the Old Stone House!

As a landmark of our region’s history, the Old Stone House is a great resource for local educators.  Tours of the historic Stone House allow students and teachers the opportunity to experience daily life in early America through interactive exhibits and hands-on learning.

All tours can be enhanced with our week-long lesson plans tailored specifically to meet Pennsylvania and National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) Standards.  The Stone House offers educators two distinct lesson plans to supplement students’ visit to the site.  While these plans are developed for middle and early high school students, they could be  adapted for younger students.

For more information please contact the Old Stone House at (724) 738-4964 or email the curator. And if you use our lesson plans in your classroom, please drop us a line and let us know – suggestions and comments are always welcome!

Click below for free copies of The Old Stone House Lesson Plans! (Lesson plans are in PDF format)

Old Stone House Lesson Plan-French and Indian War-Twenty years before American colonists declared their independence from Great Britain, another great conflict was fought between 1754 and 1763 for control of North America. Popularly known as the French & Indian War, the struggle began as a contest for the Ohio River Valley and quickly developed into a multinational struggle pitting Britain and her American colonists against the French. Native peoples supported both sides, but early in the war France had the upper hand in recruiting Indian warriors.   The Venango Trail, a major Indian trading route and key transportation route for military forces, passed near the current site of the Stone House.  With this fun and challenging lesson plan, students will be fully prepared for a visit to the Old Stone House, where they can see exhibits about the conflict, as well as authentic reproductions of colonial and native artifacts.

Old Stone House Lesson Plan-Stagecoach Travel Stagecoach travel is a symbol of our nation’s heritage: nearly every old western movie features these once-common vehicles prominently.  Stagecoaches, however, were not just used in the west but were also an integral part of life  in Pennsylvania and the eastern United States before railroads.  The Stone House served as a resting place for weary travelers on what was known as the Pittsburgh-Erie Pike.  By using this lesson plan and visiting the Old Stone House, students will learn about the importance of transportation development to national history, and the etiquette, customs, and hardships of travel during the period before the Industrial Revolution.


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