Apr 17th

Friday Find

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Old Stone House, c. 1912 - photographer unknown

Old Stone House, c. 1912 - photographer unknown

This one is probably pretty familiar to those of you who’ve visited the Old Stone House before.  The Stone House’s function as a stagecoach tavern was largely obsolete by the post-Civil War era, when railroads surpassed the stagecoach as the primary form of transportation.  The Stone House was then rented out as a farm, frequently changing hands between both owners and tenants.  This photo from about 1912 shows a number of alterations – much of the upper porch had been enclosed for additional living space, as well as a portion of the lower porch on the right.

It would be interesting to know when these alterations were carried out – were they done by tavern operators for additional sleeping rooms (and thus more profit), or by later private residents?  Records on the Stone House are scant, especially architectural descriptions, so we’ll probably never know.  For comparison, here’s a picture of the Stone House today (as it was likely originally configured in 1822) from roughly the same angle

Photo by Paula J. Slomer

Photo by Paula J. Slomer

Thanks for checking in – there will be lots more coming to the OSH blog as our season opens and we get into the full swing of things.  For now, don’t forget about the  Civil War Encampment this weekend – free and open to the public (with beautiful weather to boot!)

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  • Megan Brundage
    April 19, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    I love that there is a blog for the Old Stone House. Hopefully it will spread the word.